"MZB has been an integral instrument in the development of our Precision Ag Program at Wheat Growers. It is a tool that has allowed our agronomists to manage a very large amount of acres in a very intuitive cloud based agronomic program. We have also integrated it with our fleet dispatching program that allows those same agronomists to truly work from remote locations with ease. In a tough economic farm economy we have set new enrollment records this fall, telling us our producers are truly seeing value and can better manage their input dollars with MZB."
Brent in Aberdeen, SD

"Having a zone system that is not derived from just one layer of data allows me to manage each field to its fullest potential. Elevation and EC are huge factors in a field's potential. Soil testing accurate zones enables me to see exactly what is happening with each nutrient. Rolling all this together in MZB Tools lets me place seed and fertilizer in each field to maximize crop potential. We can now not only manage fields by zones, but individual zones if necessary. The mobile app lets me keep track of each zone from planting through harvest."
Jay in Wolsey, SD

“With MZB, I have the ability to identify zones based on multiple sources of data. I also get the ease of understanding soil fertility by zones and the soil test accuracy is industry leading. Zoning helps better placement of seed and fertilizer. MZB has had an influence on my farming decisions. It has taught me the importance of fertility management. Utilizing zones has led to better placement of seed and fertilizer.”
Brian in Harris, IA

“My operation was heading toward zone farming, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it all together. MZB was the answer to my needs and set me on the path to zone farming. The people I work with in MZB definitely keep me coming back. The big eye opener for me was how I was mining the fertility from my best producing zones and over applying fertilizer on my least producing zones. This helped me to know where to best spend my fertilizer dollars.”
Joe in Estherville, IA