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MZB System


It’s easy to show hypotheticals and theories. But farming in the real world can be different. The MZB zone-based approach has been proven across over nearly 3-million acres for longer than a decade. What do real life results look like?

When analyzing data from 15 traditional grid soil sampled fields, fertilizer placement was significantly less efficient compared to MZB zone-based recommendations. In fact, more than 22% of the field under-yielded because of under-fertilization. More than 54% of the field was over-fertilized, causing cost per acre to go up without a corresponding yield response.


Field borders may have straight lines, but soils don’t. MZB samples by management zones – instead of by grids – in order to account for the many variations in soil types occurring across the field. Using geo-referenced sampling locations enables us to sample from the same spots every time, so we can see and track the effectiveness of the management zones. MZB Zone Sampling is as accurate as 1.33-acre grid versus traditional methods which utilize 2.5, 5 or 10-acre grids and are far less accurate.

The benefit? MZB can ensure the grower has the optimal nutrient level for the zone specific yield goal.
MZB System