MZB Story


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It started in 1998 with a realization: grid sampling isn’t an effective way to predict yield changes based on soil samples. Ag retailers needed a more comprehensive and accurate method for helping farmers make the best management decisions for every acre of every field. So MZB set out to find it.

After extensive testing, we discovered a strong correlation between soil electrical conductivity, field elevation and yield potential using GNDVI satellite imagery. This discovery led to the development of a field zone-based strategy that made it easier to maximize yield potential by managing seed population and fertility inputs. It’s a formula that has proven to be effective across millions of acres spanning almost two decades.

MZB Technologies LLC now holds multiple U.S. and Canadian Patents on the use of soil conductivity, yield potential maps (satellite imagery and/or yield maps) and elevation in the creation of management zones for the purposes of managing agriculture inputs.

Today, the zone-based MZB system is used by leading coops, crop consultants and ag service providers to support a grower base that encompasses nearly 3 million acres and is growing at a pace of almost 100,000 acres per year. To be sure, more than half of the new acres added to the MZB program each year are additional acres from existing customers who have seen the benefits on their own land.